"To Help is to Beautify Our Spiritual Essence"

Vision and Reality

"From Vision to Reality: The International Journey of Elisabeth and Philippe Dufour for Their Foundation"

June 3rd marked a memorable dual event: the 75th birthday of my beloved husband, Philippe Dufour, as well as the creation of our foundation. The announcement of this initiative represented a significant step forward. However, the real challenge was to materialize this project despite the numerous administrative hurdles encountered.

Fortunately, once these challenges were overcome, we had the opportunity to participate in several prestigious international events. It was the perfect occasion to promote our foundation to our friends and clients. The interest and enthusiasm our project garnered were an invaluable source of motivation and courage for us.

A particularly memorable moment was the auction of the "Symplicity" watch, graciously offered by my husband and myself. This auction, which also included works from several talented artists, was a resounding success and marked the beginning of our ability to support projects that are dear to our hearts.

Today, I am delighted to share with you photos from our international travels. They bear witness to our constant commitment and sustained efforts. Stay tuned to follow the progress and achievements of the foundation. Your support, especially for the less fortunate, is essential to us and greatly appreciated.

In this time of celebration and commitment, it is with immense joy and deep gratitude that I share news of our foundation and our international adventures. Your continued support is not only the key to our success but also inspires our dedication to those who need it the most.

With our sincere greetings and the assurance of our unwavering commitment,

Elisabeth and Philippe Dufour

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