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Helping Today

Supporting those in greatest need

Helping, giving, and supporting are important human actions that demonstrate solidarity towards people in distress.

These actions can have a significant impact on our fellow humans and provide them with hope and comfort. It's important to remember that even small actions can have a positive impact on others' lives.

Being human means having the capacity for empathy and compassion towards disadvantaged individuals and seeking ways to help and support them in their daily lives.

Access to clean water

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right recognized by the United Nations.

However, many people around the world do not have access to a reliable source of clean water.

Efforts must be made to ensure that everyone has access to safe and sufficient clean water to meet their daily needs.

Access to food

Access to food is a vital need for all, but many people around the world do not have access to sufficient and nutritious food.

The reasons for this include poverty, armed conflict, natural disasters, climate change, and discrimination.

The foundation will work with other institutions to provide food to those in need, as well as solutions for food self-sufficiency.

Access to healthcare

It is unfortunate to note that healthcare in many countries is in a catastrophic state. Healthcare systems in these countries are often underfunded, ill-equipped, and lacking in medicines as well as qualified personnel.

This has serious consequences for the health and well-being of local populations.

We must work together with non-governmental organizations to improve the health and well-being of these individuals.

Decent housing

Many poor countries face significant challenges in housing, including unhealthy, overcrowded, or unsafe living conditions.

The most affected individuals are the poorest and most vulnerable, such as homeless people, refugees, displaced persons, and those living in slums.

We must do everything possible to ensure that all human beings have access to safe, healthy, and affordable housing.

Education and training

The precarious situation of education in poor countries is a major challenge for the future of these countries and for improving the quality of life of their inhabitants.

The consequences of this situation are serious, as education is essential for economic, social, and cultural development.

The lack of education can lead to poverty, food insecurity, disease, and political instability. We must do everything possible to change this.

Artisanal art

Preserving artisanal art is vital for maintaining our cultural heritage. This involves protecting both tangible objects and intangible skills, through restoration, documentation, and educating younger generations. This approach ensures the transmission and appreciation of unique traditions for the future.

The founders

Philippe & Elisabeth Dufour

"Perseverance and commitment in the pursuit of success and collective well-being: the inspiring life journey of Philippe & Elisabeth Dufour"

The founders An atypical couple

The life journey of Philippe & Elisabeth Dufour has been marked by challenges and an unrelenting struggle to achieve their goals. Their incredible determination to overcome the obstacles that stood in their way has allowed them to fulfill their dreams and become role models for others.

Persevering despite the difficulties encountered is an essential quality for success in life. It is important to keep in mind one's goals and to demonstrate determination and resilience in the face of obstacles that arise.

Le parcours de Philippe et Elisabeth Dufour nous montre également l'importance de s'engager dans ce qui nous tient à cœur et de poursuivre nos passions avec ardeur. Leur désir de faire une différence positive dans le monde les pousse à se battre pour leur cause et à réaliser leur vision.

Their life journey is a source of inspiration for all those seeking to achieve their goals and make a difference in the world. Their determination, perseverance, and commitment to philanthropy are qualities that can guide us on the path to personal and collective success and well-being.

Our First Contribution A unique Simplicity

We are driven by a strong desire to personally involve ourselves in the management of our Foundation and contribute to its funding. With this in mind, we have decided to make available a unique Simplicity timepiece to the foundation, with the aim of providing the necessary "impetus" for it to commence its actions in favor of the most vulnerable individuals.

This initiative demonstrates our unwavering commitment to this noble endeavor, and we suggest that it inspires others to join us in this passionate adventure. Indeed, we are convinced that many people share our values and are ready to support us in this honorable cause.

Consequently, we are open to all proposals that could assist us in achieving our goals. We have our loyal customers and watchmaking friends in mind, who could provide valuable aid in this endeavor. We are convinced that, together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need of our help.

We are eagerly anticipating the fruits of our commitment and we look forward to working closely with all those who share our vision. The auction of the unique Simplicity timepiece will be a significant milestone in our journey, and we are confident that this event will be a true success. We hope that it will inspire others to support us and join us in this humanitarian adventure.

Other contributions Artistic

Areas of focus of the foundation


The goals of the Foundation

01. Helping people in emergency and disadvantaged situations

People in emergency and disadvantaged situations can refer to various populations, such as homeless people, refugees, victims of domestic violence, those with chronic illnesses, the elderly, children, and families living in poverty.

These populations may face a multitude of issues such as hunger, lack of shelter, food insecurity, lack of access to healthcare, lack of employment and educational opportunities, and increased exposure to environmental and health risks.

The foundation aims to help people in emergency and disadvantaged situations by providing services such as emergency shelters, food services, healthcare, counseling, and legal assistance.

It will do so through realistic, concrete, and structured projects that are sustainable and fully transparent.

02. Participation in the construction and renovation of hospital structures, equipment, and materials

The lack of hospital structures, equipment, and materials is a major problem in many underdeveloped countries. These countries often lack the financial resources and government support to build and maintain modern hospitals, adequately equipped to meet the needs of patients.


The consequences of this resource shortage are often serious and can include a lack of access to healthcare, poor quality of care, an increase in the spread of infectious diseases, and a high mortality rate. Hospitals can be overcrowded, and patients may lack beds, medication, diagnostic and treatment equipment, as well as qualified personnel to provide care.


The construction and renovation of hospital structures, equipment, and materials are complex processes that require careful planning, technical skills, and effective coordination.


To ensure optimal results, it is important for the foundation to work in close collaboration with competent teams from the outset of the project and to communicate regularly throughout the process. Goals must be clearly defined and deadlines met to ensure that projects are completed within the allotted time and budget constraints.

03.Supporting the education and learning of people in precarious situations

The problem of education in poor countries is alarming, and there are significant needs to be met. In many developing countries, access to quality education is limited, especially for children and women from disadvantaged backgrounds. School infrastructures are often inadequate, and teachers are under-qualified and poorly paid. Dropout rates are high, particularly among girls, women, and children from rural areas.


This lack of education has serious consequences for individuals and for countries as a whole. People with little education are less likely to find decent and well-paid employment, which can keep them in poverty.


It is also important to address the cultural and social barriers that prevent girls and children from rural areas from attending school. Awareness campaigns and support programs for families can help overcome these barriers.


Education is a fundamental human right and a crucial investment for the future of all countries.


To help solve this problem, the foundation will conduct a series of projects to promote access to knowledge but also promote learning, which is an important pathway to enter the workforce.

04. To support artisans who pass on their art to younger generations

The transmission of artisanal skills is very important. Artisans possess unique skills and knowledge that have been passed down from generation to generation, often on an oral basis. These skills are often the result of practice and experience acquired over time.


This transmission is important for several reasons. First, it allows for the preservation of traditions and techniques that have been developed over centuries. These techniques may be in danger of disappearing if they are not passed down to future generations.


In addition, the transmission of artisanal skills can be beneficial for the local economy. Local artisans can create unique and high-quality products that attract tourists and stimulate the local economy. This can also contribute to the preservation of traditional knowledge and the promotion of local cultures.


Furthermore, it is an excellent way to strengthen community ties. Local artisans can work together to share their knowledge and skills, thereby building a strong and united community.


For all these reasons, the foundation will establish programs to promote and support the transmission of artisanal skills.

05. Participating in the preservation of the material and immaterial heritage of artisanal art

The preservation of the material and immaterial heritage of artisanal art is crucial for safeguarding our cultural and historical heritage. Artisanal art is a traditional skill that has been passed down from generation to generation and is often associated with a particular culture or region.

The preservation of the material heritage of artisanal art can include the preservation of historic buildings, monuments, sculptures, art objects, furniture, textiles, and other artifacts. This may involve efforts to restore and preserve these objects, as well as exhibiting them to the public in museums, galleries, and other cultural venues.

Regarding the preservation of the immaterial heritage of artisanal art, it aims to protect the practices, traditions, and skills associated with this art. This may include documenting techniques and manufacturing methods, preserving songs, dances, and celebrations that are associated with this art, as well as transmitting this knowledge to future generations.

Preserving the material and immaterial heritage of artisanal art is essential to safeguard our cultural heritage and ensure that future generations can enjoy these unique treasures.

The founders and board of the foundation are highly sensitive to this issue and will implement solutions to preserve this universal heritage.

The Foundation Board

The members of the foundation's board of directors

Philippe Dufour


Maricela Lancoud


Elisabeth Dufour

Co-Fondatrice et Présidente

Danièla Dufour


Philippe Dufour


Maricela Lancoud


Elisabeth Dufour

Co-Fondatrice et Présidente

Danièla Dufour


Philippe Dufour


Elisabeth Dufour

Co-Fondatrice et Présidente

Maricela Lancoud


Danièla Dufour


An international team

Respect, commitment honesty & solidarity

The members of the foundation board share common values that foster a harmonious and effective collaboration. Respect is a fundamental value that allows for the recognition of each person's dignity and differences.

Commitment demonstrates that each member is motivated and determined to contribute to the success of the foundation's mission. Honesty, on the other hand, is a value that encourages integrity and honesty in all actions undertaken by the foundation. Finally, solidarity helps to strengthen the team's cohesion and to work together towards a common goal.

These values must be supported by a culture of transparency and trust, which allows the foundation board members to operate in a constructive manner.

By working together in an environment that promotes these values, the foundation board develops positive synergies that lead to the success of the foundation's mission and to a lasting impact on society.

Support from the Foundation

What we do

The projects and actions of the Foundation



Peruvian Association of Women Straw Hat Weavers "Ñari Walac"

Supporting the training of 50 women to enable them to make a living from their work.



Healthcare Valley population


BAILLERET Switzerland

The medical isolation of the Valley: A challenge for vulnerable populations

The isolation of the Vallée de Joux from advanced medical infrastructure in the rest of the canton poses major challenges for elderly individuals, the sick, or those without means of transportation.



Education Children & adolescents

HOAVY Madagascar

To support Mizarasoa in their fight for the education of underprivileged youth.

The Mizarasoa Association is dedicated to educating disadvantaged youth and supporting underprivileged villages.



Humanitarian Population of the canton of Vaud

Support Caritas Vaud Switzerland

Caritas Vaud is a Swiss organization fighting against poverty.

The Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation wishes to amplify the impact of Caritas Vaud through financial and strategic support, favoring targeted initiatives and strengthened solidarity.



SUPPORT Talented young watchmakers


Support AHCI Switzerland

Development of synergy with AHCI for the benefit of young talents

Improving young artisans' access to major events and media platforms to enhance their presence and visibility.



Some statistics

Our charity platform: figures and facts

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How can you help us?

Your commitment can change the future for many people.


Making a donation is an important act of solidarity to help people in need. It is a compassionate action that can significantly improve the daily life of people in great distress. Donations can also have a positive impact on yourself by strengthening your connection to the community.

Join the club

By joining our club, you can share a rewarding human experience with other members. It gives you the opportunity to participate in humanitarian projects, which can be very fulfilling and give meaning to your life.


By joining the club, you will be connected to a community and develop lasting friendships with like-minded people who share the same values and ideas. It's a rewarding personal experience while making a positive difference in the world.

Sponsoring & partnership

Becoming a sponsor of our foundation offers an interesting opportunity for your company to strengthen its brand image and visibility.
By supporting a humanitarian cause that is close to your heart, you can enhance your commitment to the community and ensure your reputation as a socially responsible company.
By providing material and/or financial assistance for a specific event or project, you will benefit from increased exposure, including recognition on our communication platforms such as our website, brochures, events, press releases, and social media.


En ce qui concerne un partenariat, il s’agit d’une collaboration plus étroite, durable et impliquante de votre entreprise envers notre fondation.
In this way, you can actively contribute to the international outreach of our foundation and demonstrate your company's unwavering and solidarity commitment to humanitarian causes and the common good necessary for life, happiness, and collective fulfillment.


What our partners and donors are saying about us

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to the digital communication of the foundation. Working with a competent, motivated, and humanly outstanding team has been a real privilege

Nicolas Gafner AZweb (Suisse)

I am honored, along with my Peruvian colleagues, to have been selected to create the foundation's polos and t-shirts with our Pima cotton. I believe that this foundation will provide an invaluable benefit to the less fortunate and disadvantaged. I send my sincere wishes for prosperity in the future.

Noe Moran nomotex.com (Peru)

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En adhérant au club vous partagez une expérience humaine enrichissante avec d’autres membres. Cela vous donne l’opportunité de participer à des projets humanitaires, ce qui peut être très gratifiant et donner un sens à votre vie. En rejoignant le club, vous serez connecté à une communauté et en développerez des liens d’amitié durables avec des personnes partageant les mêmes idées et les mêmes valeurs. C’est une expérience personnelle valorisante tout en faisant une différence positive dans le monde.

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We strongly encourage you to join the Foundation's support club to become more deeply and actively involved in this adventure.

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The latest news and articles

We place great importance on establishing clear and consistent communication with all parties involved, including generous donors, beneficiaries, and passionate supporters of our foundation. This practice not only allows us to keep you perfectly informed of current events, but also provides privileged access to information about our activities and projects.


Echoes of generosity: A bridge of light between souls

In the infinity of the universe, every act of generosity is a star that illuminates the darkness. The gift, small or large, is a bridge between souls, tangible proof of our interconnection and interdependence. It is the expression of our humanity, an act that transcends borders and differences, revealing our common essence. To give is to participate in a universal exchange of love and kindness, to recognize that within the heart of the other resides a part of oneself. By making a donation today, you choose to inscribe your light in someone else's sky, to nourish hope and weave unbreakable bonds. Together, let's shape a world where generosity is the currency of the soul, lighting our collective path towards a future filled with compassion and unity.

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Call for Projects

Joining forces for major social impact

Your project has the potential to transform lives, and the Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation is here to support you in this noble quest. We are dedicated to backing initiatives that provide tangible solutions to humanitarian challenges. Whether you are an institution, an association, or any other form of organization engaged in projects with a positive social impact, we invite you to call upon our support.

Nous croyons fermement en la puissance de la collaboration pour forger un monde meilleur. Ainsi, notre fondation offre une aide financière, matérielle, ou en expertise à des projets qui :

  • Améliorent les conditions de vie des communautés en situation de vulnérabilité.
  • Apportent une aide immédiate aux individus en situation d’urgence ou défavorisés.
  • Contribuent à la construction et à la rénovation d'infrastructures, d'équipements et de matériels médicaux.
  • Soutiennent l'enseignement et l'apprentissage pour les personnes en situation précaire.
  • Encouragent les artisans dans la transmission de leur savoir-faire aux nouvelles générations.
  • Participent à la préservation du patrimoine matériel et immatériel de l'artisanat.
Commitment of the Foundation

The commitment of the Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation is based on careful listening and meticulous processing of each proposal submitted to us. We pledge to evaluate requests with diligence and fairness, ensuring that each one receives the attention it deserves. Our selection process is guided by a deep desire to contribute to initiatives that resonate with our core values and our vision of a more inclusive and united world.

Nous comprenons l'importance de la réactivité et nous nous engageons à fournir des retours dans les plus brefs délais afin de ne pas retarder les efforts des porteurs de projets. Notre objectif est de faciliter une collaboration fructueuse et de soutenir efficacement les projets sélectionnés, en leur offrant les ressources nécessaires à leur succès.

En outre, nous tenons à construire des relations de confiance et de transparence avec les porteurs de projets. Nous sommes disposés à partager notre expertise et à offrir des conseils stratégiques pour aider les projets à maximiser leur impact. La Fondation Philippe et Elisabeth Dufour s'engage à être plus qu'un simple bailleur de fonds : nous souhaitons être un partenaire actif dans la réalisation de votre vision.

Ainsi, en vous associant à notre fondation, vous bénéficiez non seulement d'un soutien financier, matériel ou en expertise, mais aussi d'un partenariat solide fondé sur l'engagement mutuel pour un impact social positif. Nous aspirons à ce que chaque projet soutenu soit une étape vers un avenir où chaque individu a la possibilité de vivre dignement et d'épanouir son potentiel.

Call for projects application form


To submit your project to our organization, start by gathering all necessary information and documents, including a detailed description of the project, its objectives, and a budget. Then, fill out our online form being precise and concise, and attach any supporting documents in PDF or JPG format. After submission on our site, our team will evaluate your file taking into account your objectives and the documents provided, respecting confidentiality and the protection of your data. We aim to support initiatives that contribute to improving lives and addressing humanitarian challenges, with a secure process that respects privacy.


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Founders' message

Philippe & Elisabeth Dufour Foundation

By Philippe Dufour

I have had a long, perilous, and exciting career as an independent watchmaker that has led me to the pinnacle of high watchmaking. I reached this point through sheer determination and tenacity, constantly refining my craft, never giving up, and refusing to compromise. I owe this success to myself but also to the people I have been fortunate to associate with, who have helped me on my journey.

I think of the individuals who have passed on their knowledge and love for the craft, as my dear friend and mentor Gabriel Locatelli has done so well. But I especially think of my wife Elisabeth, who has always supported me unconditionally and has assisted me so perfectly for many years. Without her, I would not be the man and watchmaker I am today.

Both of us have reached a point in our personal and professional lives where we felt the need to give back a portion of what we have received, to be the "factor of chance" for others. That is why we have created our own foundation, personally and passionately committing ourselves to the establishment and operation of this humanitarian organization.

We wanted a philanthropic foundation that is open to all the major challenges the world is facing, with a future that appears rather bleak. There are urgent situations, whether humanitarian, environmental, educational, or public health-related. We do not claim to be able to solve all the problems, but we ardently desire to do what we can to alleviate the suffering and despair of the most deprived individuals, by contributing our part to the greater good. As the saying goes, "Little streams make big rivers."

We also wanted to incorporate artisanal art into the support of the foundation, not abandoning our love for watchmaking but expanding access to young talents and all manual artistic crafts.

We have created our own foundation because we intend to pursue this endeavor just as we have conducted our respective careers – without compromise, with passion, integrity, justice, and respect, which are our core values. We also emphasize that this foundation operates with utmost transparency. Our ambition is to gather around us and this foundation individuals, clients, and friends who have admiration for the work and timepieces of Phillipe Dufour. We firmly believe that sharing is the key to happiness, and we hope that many will assist us in spreading a little happiness throughout the world, which is desperately in need of it.

The members of the foundation board accompanying us in this new adventure come from diverse international backgrounds (Cameroon, France, Lebanon, Peru, and Switzerland) and have a wide range of professional expertise, with strong representation of women. All these individuals will work passionately and committedly, sharing our values and philosophy.

Code of Ethics

Philippe & Elisabeth Dufour Foundation

The Philippe & Elisabeth Dufour Foundation has established an ethical charter that outlines the key ethical principles of the foundation, based on its core values. The objective of this charter is to ensure the independence of the foundation's actions and decisions, as well as the transparency of its activities and organization.

Integrity, respect, justice, transparency, and creativity are the values that guide the actions of the foundation's board of trustees. Members commit to strictly adhering to the moral rules, duties, and regulations of the foundation, as well as fulfilling their obligations towards supervisory authorities, in the execution of their tasks and missions.

They also commit to acting positively towards others, considering the impact of their actions, being inclusive, and demonstrating empathy while respecting the rights of individuals. Impartiality, selflessness, and fairness are principles that should guide all actions of the members of the board of trustees.

Transparency is a crucial element of the board of trustees' commitment. Members pledge to disclose everything and provide evidence to the foundation's donors and supporters to earn their trust.

Finally, creativity is an important value for the board of trustees, who must envision and implement innovative solutions and effective concepts to address the challenges faced by the foundation.

The board of trustees aims to alleviate the economic, social, environmental, or cultural difficulties faced by the most disadvantaged individuals through concrete and philanthropic actions. This foundation was born out of the desire of Philippe Dufour and his wife Elisabeth Dufour to "give back what they have received." The board of trustees consists of six individuals and is co-chaired by the founders, Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour.

This charter has been unanimously approved by the board of trustees, which is composed of members from diverse and complementary backgrounds, all driven by passion and commitment to serve the foundation.

Peru Project

MANOS PERUANAS Weaving the Future

Our project is to support the Peruvian association of women weavers of straw hats called "Ñari Walac." These women have been severely affected by the formidable natural phenomenon known as "El Niño," which strikes the Peruvian coast. They have lost everything.

In the first phase of our project, we aim to reactivate two essential machines to revive the production of these beautiful hats. Our objective is to support disadvantaged families who depend on this ancestral art. We have requested a quote for the required machines.

The second phase will involve implementing a training program for individuals with limited resources, enabling them to learn a trade. For this project, we rely on the association to accommodate these individuals for a minimum of six months, providing them with practical training tailored to their level. Most of them are unable to write. Our main trainer will be Master Mrs. Iris Chero.

In the third phase, the learners have undergone online training on sales techniques applied to the luxury industry. The objective is to enhance their craftsmanship, strengthen their self-esteem, and provide them with all the necessary sales arguments to combat the influx of Chinese products in the local artisanal market. Maricela Lancoud will be the trainer for this part of the program.

The participants will also have the opportunity to take a practical exam remotely and receive a training certificate issued by our association, sponsored by the Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation. The main trainers for this stage will be Master craftswoman Mrs. Iris Chero and Maricela Lancoud.

Currently, we are working on assessing the costs of this project, and we will submit a support request to the local government to secure free premises for the duration of the training.

This initiative aims to restore hope to these women weavers, preserve their traditional craftsmanship, and provide them with new opportunities. We believe in their potential and strongly believe that this project will contribute to enhancing their economic and social empowerment.




A medical scanner to revolutionize health in the Vallée de Joux

Context: Medical challenges in the Vallée de Joux

The Vallée de Joux, nestled in a remote region, faces a major health obstacle: the lack of essential equipment, a medical scanner, at the Pôle Santé Vallée de Joux (PSVJ). This deficiency forces residents to undertake long journeys to access indispensable diagnostic services, a problem exacerbated by difficult weather conditions, including severe snowfalls in winter. The absence of this critical equipment at the PSVJ drastically limits the facility's ability to provide efficient emergency care, endangering the health and lives of patients in situations where every minute counts.

Mission: Cutting-edge equipment for the PSVJ

In response to this challenge, the foundation is committed to equipping the Vallée de Joux Health Center with a modern medical imaging scanner. This ambitious project aims to fill a critical gap in the region's diagnostic infrastructure, thereby improving access to and the quality of medical care for the local population. Acquiring this state-of-the-art equipment is a key step in enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of the PSVJ, allowing for quicker and more accurate interventions, essential for treating medical emergencies.

Vision: Towards medical excellence in the Vallée de Joux

Our vision is to revolutionize patient care in the Vallée de Joux by ensuring immediate access to high-precision diagnostics. By equipping the region with an advanced medical scanner, we are committed to raising the quality of care to a level of excellence recognized nationally. This initiative is designed to have a direct and lasting impact on the health of the community, offering more accurate and faster diagnostics. It marks a turning point in our quest for optimal medical care, ensuring that every resident of the Vallée de Joux receives top-tier healthcare, meeting the Swiss expectations of quality and efficiency.


HOAVY projet

Mizarasoa: A surge of solidarity to educate and nourish hope in Madagascar

Birth of a vision: From gratitude to collective action in Switzerland and Madagascar

Landy and Tiavina Niaritsiry, natives of Madagascar, moved by the generosity of their families, friends, and acquaintances that enabled them to build a life in Switzerland, chose to pass on this wave of solidarity in turn. Driven by the belief that sharing is the key to true happiness, they established the Mizarasoa Association, a name borrowed from Malagasy meaning "to spread joy." This initiative highlights their desire to radiate the joy of giving, especially among children in the poorest districts of Andraisoro and Itaosy, in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Mizarasoa's goal is to break down barriers to education by ensuring children have the necessary resources to go to school, while also providing them with access to healthcare and nutrition.

Turning water into a source of Life: The "Pump Project" that revitalizes communities

The association is also committed to supporting transformative community projects, such as the initiative of a "pump project" that has changed the lives of 235 families by providing them with access to clean drinking water, demonstrating the profound impact of their commitment on the well-being of Malagasy communities.

The commitment of the Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation: Broadening the horizons of young malagasy

The Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation recognizes the vital importance of its mission and is committed to supporting the Mizarasoa Association in its expansion. Their support aims to integrate a greater number of children and adolescents into educational programs, thereby creating enriching learning opportunities. Moreover, the establishment of a craft workshop offers young people essential practical training for successful professional integration. These joint initiatives reflect a dynamic and humanistic approach, centered on empowerment and the spread of happiness. Elisabeth Dufour, the president, has personally supported the Mizarasoa association for over 15 years through her OMCM association, having personally sponsored about ten children.


Solidarity Vaud Project


Solidarity Vaud: Together Against Exclusion

Caritas Vaud:

A non-profit entity founded in 1942, dedicated to combating poverty and social exclusion at the local level. As a cantonal section of Caritas Switzerland, it advocates for disadvantaged people both in Switzerland and internationally. Based in the canton of Vaud, it offers a variety of services and programs aimed at assisting individuals and families facing financial, social, and personal challenges. Its offerings include, among others, food aid, financial counseling, initiatives for professional integration, support for families and children, and projects dedicated to migrants and refugees. The goal of Caritas Vaud is to promote solidarity and support for the most vulnerable, while fighting social exclusion to build a more just and inclusive society.

Support from the Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation:

The Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation commits to playing a crucial role in strengthening Caritas Vaud through a series of strategic initiatives. It plans to fund projects aligned with its philanthropic goals, provide flexible financial support to meet immediate and changing needs, establish partnerships for the development of programs addressing significant social issues, support the increase of organizational and operational capacities for greater efficiency, promote awareness and advocacy actions to raise public consciousness and influence policies in favor of inclusion, and encourage networking and the sharing of expertise to enrich strategies and practices. These joint initiatives offer comprehensive and diversified support, enhancing Caritas Vaud's impact in its mission to combat poverty and exclusion in the canton.


AHCI Support Project

Development of a synergy with the AHCI

The AHCI's commitment to independent watchmaking:

The AHCI, established in 1985, is dedicated to the development and international recognition of independent watchmakers. As a philanthropic organization, its goal is to promote innovation and preserve traditional skills in the field of watchmaking, while offering a platform for exchange and knowledge sharing. It plays a crucial role in supporting young talents, providing them with the necessary resources and visibility to grow and innovate in this art.

Support for new talents by the Foundation:

In parallel, the Philippe and Elisabeth Dufour Foundation partners with the AHCI to support these new watchmakers. Thanks to the commitment of Philippe Dufour, an eminent watchmaker and passionate mentor, the foundation facilitates young craftsmen's access to key events and media, increasing their visibility among collectors and high-end watchmaking enthusiasts. This approach underscores the importance of knowledge sharing and support for the rising generations for the perpetuation and renewal of the art of watchmaking.

"Time of the Imago": Metaphor and Vision

"Time of the Imago" embodies this philosophy by using the metaphor of the butterfly. The imago, the final stage of an insect's development, symbolizes here the flourishing and realization of a watchmaker's full potential. This concept illustrates the idea that, with the right support and access to the right resources, a watchmaker can achieve excellence in their art, thus marking their transition to creative and technical maturity. "Time of the Imago" highlights individual transformation and artistic culmination, reflecting the foundation's and the AHCI's mission to nurture innovation and celebrate craftsmanship at its peak.

Synergy between individual talent and collective support:

This approach emphasizes the importance of talent, creativity, and personal evolution, while recognizing the crucial role of the community and external support. It asserts that achievement in the art of watchmaking does not occur in isolation but through a synergy between individual abilities and the opportunities provided. Ultimately, "Time of the Imago" resonates as a celebration of the art of watchmaking, where innovation, tradition, and support intertwine to enable each watchmaker to realize their potential and contribute to the evolution of this ancient art.

Call for projects application form