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Summary of our humanitarian trip to Madagascar

Our humanitarian mission in Madagascar, led by myself, Elisabeth Dufour, and Maricela Lancoud of the Philippe & Elisabeth Dufour Foundation, began with a long journey from Switzerland to Antananarivo. The first days were dedicated to immersing ourselves in the lives of the most disadvantaged, with a particular focus on the children.

We met with the Mizarazoa Association, dedicated to the education and health of street children. The warm welcome and the smiles of the children deeply moved us. The visit to the School of Crafts and Art of the Gazela Association showed us how these initiatives help young people pursue their dreams. The gift-giving and closing celebration with the children of Mizarazoa were magical moments, reinforcing our commitment.

Finally, the visit to a poverty-stricken market revealed the extreme poverty and inhumane living conditions of the families, highlighting the urgency of our mission. We will soon return home, more determined than ever to mobilize the necessary resources to bring about positive and lasting changes.

For more details, please refer to the HOAVY Project section.

Elisabeth Dufour, President of the Foundation


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